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Seniors Eye Tests

All our Seniors Eye Tests Are Bulk Billed Regardless Of When Last You Had a Test. *

Coming in to see the friendly and helpful team at your local Options Optometrists will help keep us up to date with your eye health, at a time when eyes are changing rapidly.

It is important to take care of your eyes, so please book an appointment with your local Options Optometrist today.

Are Regular Eye Tests Important For Seniors?

We maintain that a regular eye test is vital because it’s not always obvious when you have a condition.

An eye test can detect the early signs of eye conditions before the symptoms occur, many of which can be treated. Your optometrist will examine your eyes for vision, eye disorders and other health problems involving the eyes.

An eye test will also show if you need to get glasses for the first time or if you need to change your current glasses.

Common Eye Conditions That Seniors Encounter

  • Vision problems—near-sightedness (unable to see far), far-sightedness (unable to see close objects), astigmatism and difficulty reading at a normal distance
  • Cataracts – the lens of the eye becomes cloudy
  • Glaucoma – increased fluid pressure in the eye
  • Macular degeneration—loss of vision, or blindness (often age-related). Use the AMSLER Grid test (PDF) to check if you have any symptoms.
  • Stye – a sore or red lump near the edge of an eyelid, caused by an infection at the base of an eyelash (in the follicle)

If you have any concerns about your eye health, please book an appointment at Options Optometrists today.

* Standard comprehensive eye tests are bulk billed however some scans and procedures are not covered by Medicare and may attract a further cost – Any potential extra costs will first be discussed with you at your appointment

All Health Funds Accepted