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Eye Tests

High End Equipment And Exceptional Optometrists.

Bulk Billed and Fully Covered by Medicare *

All Optometrists practicing in our group are registered and qualified to provide a range of clinical skills and procedures. We provide local patients with comprehensive eye examinations. We value our local patients and use time-tested methods backed by years of experience. This way, we can provide you with an accurate and timely diagnosis.

We will check your Macula, screen for Glaucoma, and also screen for a range of other potential issues. The tests that our optometrists carry out include:

  • Refraction (your prescription);
  • Retinal scan;
  • Binocular vision tests;
  • Visual field tests;
  • Ophthalmoscopy
  • Slit lamp biomicroscopy;
  • Tonometry;
  • Testing for colour blindness.

We also provide services around the supply and management of spectacles and contact lenses.

Some of our optometrists are even further qualified to administer and use certain ophthalmic drugs to help in diagnosing and treating any issues including dry eye.

Your individually tailored eye test will include the use of state of the art equipment by our qualified eye doctors. This equipment includes Digital Retinal Cameras to take retinal photographs and Best of Breed Visual Field Analysers.

Our Optometrists take their role of primary care very seriously and you can be assured of only our best professional care and attention at all times.

* Retinal scans may be charged outside Medicare
* Patients not covered by Medicare are also welcome

All Health Funds Accepted

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